SupaflyFPV comes to Velocidrone


Velocidrone is the most popular FPV simulator in the FPV community, and we are proud to announce that SupaflyFPV has partnered with them as part of the new ‘Freestyle Pack’ to feature the Flipmode and Juicemode options to fly within Velocidrone!

Flipmode 2 


Look who’s here! The Flipmode 2 is now captured in digital format for your pleasure to practice on those wet days or when you can’t get to the spot…

Do you like mercilessly ripping? Then the Flipmode 2 is the one for you…

Juicemode 2


Or maybe you like the ‘juicy’ flying style? Then Velocidrone sim has you covered, because you can now practice all those juicy flicks in the sim rather than fill your quad up with grass…and then when you are comfortable – try it in the real world with your Juicemode 2…

Check out the demo of the freestyle pack:

Setup tweaks coming soon….







Playing in the sim is a great way to expand your ‘bag of tricks’ so that you don’t stagnate and end up doing the same thing over and over…if you allow that to happen its when the hobby can get boring – so it’s always good to be moving forward and learning!

Opposite is a great channel for learning new tricks:

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