‘Rates’ is the term people use when they describe the stick input sensitivity when flying a quadcopter. ‘Rates’ is used because it describes the ‘rate’ of rotation at which the quad moves with a given input.

I highly recommend playing with this to find what suits you – it can make a considerable difference on your flight style. A more gentle curve often aids a smoother style, and higher rates can provoke more aggressive flying style. Fly whatever you are comfortable with – but note that high rates does not mean you are a better pilot…set the full stick rate to roll/flip at the speed you feel comfortable with then set the curve that feels manageable.

Most people fly using thumbs or ‘hybrid pinch’ (where your fingers rest on and guide the sticks as well as thumbs). Thumbers tend to have more expo to help smooth out stick movements and give more ‘resolution’ to help accuracy, because thumbs alone are not the most dextrous digits…The combination of thumb and finger with the Hybrid pinch method helps with accuracy and thus with the rates you can take more mid stick sensitivity. However, using just thumbs, it can feel freer for fast flick moves which are becoming popular in freestyle, so both methods have their pros and cons.

The reason I bring up thumbs and hybrid pinch is because below are some starting points for the three major flight FW for freestyle. I fly hybrid pinch and thus have a bit more sensitivity mid stick. If you fly thumbs feel free to add some expo, but below is a reasonable starting point! 

The Supafly Aikon stack with full setup comes with 3 different freestyle rates, based from pro pilots, ready set up…below is something to get people started…



                                     RC Rate                       Rate                      Expo

Pitch                              2.2                               0.00                      0.75

Roll                                2.2                               0.00                      0.75

Yaw                               2.12                             0.00                      0.75



RC                        Rate                Expo              Acro+

Roll                       365                  50                  170

Pitch                     365                   50                 170

Yaw                      350                   50                  160


                         RC Rate                Rate                 Expo

Roll                       1.3                    0.75                 0.35

Pitch                     1.3                    0.75                  0.35

Yaw                      1.3                    0.65                   0.35