Syncmode Accessories



  • Quality parts to support your Syncmode build
  • Printed in high quality – Sync colour scheme
  • All parts optimised for lightweight and durability
  • Noise tested for no additional resonance
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Pick the accessories you need, for how you want to build…

  • TPU parts protect carbon from hard impacts and elongate the life of the frame.
  • Two options for skids – Rotor Riot Nylon used by Sync FPV is most durable for max-skid…however Supafly PLA also do a good job.
  • Motor locknuts in blue colour scheme to set your motors right also available here…
  • Vista mount kit includes isolating grommets, m2 screws and lock nuts, TPU matt and wire clamp
  • Motors and Flight controller / ESC stack also available in shop to make a fully Sync’ed out build
  • Anything you are not sure about you can email

Syncmode TPU Colours – as pictured

  • Front Bumpers: Neon Magenta
  • Arm Guards: Cyan Cyberpunk
  • FPV Camera Mount: Neon Magenta
  • HD Camera Mount: Cyan Cyberpunk
  • Radio receiver slot mount: Neon Magenta
  • FETTEC Cap and OSD Holder: Neon Magenta
  • FETTEC ESC cover: Cyan Cyberpunk
  • Video Antenna Mount: Neon Magenta
  • Vista Isolated Mount Kit: Neon Magenta
  • Radio Antenna Mount: Neon Magenta
  • Skids: Cyan Cyberpunk/Light Blue


Additional information

Front Bumpers


Arm Guards

Bando, Bando (fit Rotor Riot Skids), Lightweight

HD Camera Mount

Session, Session ND, Hero5/6/7 ND, Hero 8 ND, Hero 9/10 ND, Action 2

FPV Camera Mount

Micro Cam, DJI Cam

Radio Receiver Slot Mount


FETTEC 45a ESC Cover


Video Antenna Mount

SMA Angled, Vista Antenna, Rush Cherry

VTX Mounting

Vista Isolated Kit

Radio Antenna Mount

Crossfire, Tracer


Rotor Riot Nylon, Supafly PLA

Light Blue Motor Lock Nuts x4


Aluminium Washer Kit


Motor Screw Kit

Steel, Titanium

Frame Screw Kit

Steel, Titanium

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