High Performance FPV Freestyle frame

Optimised for flying cinematic and ‘juicy’ freestyles

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‘Juicemode 2’ is the Supafly take on a classic freestyle design, updated with Supafly style and design tweaks. The higher top mount design is ideal for the flight style that has been described as ‘Juicy’- hence the name. Pioneered in 2017 by one of the best pilots in the world – Johnny FPV – this style has now influenced a generation of new pilots who love to emulate it, and develop it further for example with the ‘Sbang’ style… Whilst the Flipmode is ideal for the aggressive ‘ripping’ freestyle with it’s tight CG and 30 degree HD mount, the Juicemode is great for Juicy and ‘Cinematic’ flying. This is because of the different flight feel of higher CG, and the option of a flatter FPV and HD camera angle which Juicy pilots tend to use, which are also more appropriate for cinematic shots. Paradoxically, the Juicemode 2 is also available in ‘Squeezed’ mode which drops the top plate to 20mm. This gives the full range of freestyle options on the same frame.

Key Info and features:

  • 220mm X style configuration for 5″ props – ideal balance of agility, stability and HD camera view
  • ‘Juicy’ 30mm top plate for higher CG, and ‘Squeezed’ 20mm high options
  • Chamfered high quality carbon
  • Countersunk top plate with two lipo straps held in place
  • 5mm thick and wide arms which are super strong and low noise
  • Designed and balanced to run HD camera, with mounts for popular HD cameras
  • 130g frame weight depending on hardware choices (Titanium or Steel screws) – mid weight prioritising great frame resonance and strength
  • Fits Mini and Micro FPV camera size
  • Red/Black, Light Blue/Black and Black/Gold colour options

Updates from previous versions:

  • 5mm thick arms - extra strong and stiff for great frame resonance and high performance, low filter Supafly tune
  • 30x30 and 20x20 stack options in main stack and 20x20 rear - room and mounting for Caddx Vista and 20x20 SharkByte
  • Completely re-drawn and refined for the sleekest, strongest version ever with industry leading frame resonance characteristics
  • TPU is Red with Red standoff edition, and Black with Black/Light Blue and Black Standoffs and Black with Gold Accents...(Gold washers and motor lock nuts)...
  • HD Camera Mounts: ND denotes a slot for ND Filter - TBS or Camera Butter Universal Diamond

Included in frame kit as standard:

  • 3mm carbon fibre base plate
  • 2mm top plate
  • 2mm camera plate x2
  • 5mm arms
  • 2mm arm lock plate
  • Knurled aluminium 30mm standoffs x8 - Red, Light Blue or Black colour
  • Frame bolts x16 (Steel or Titanium)
  • Black nylon standoffs
  • Black nylon nuts
  • Black nylon washers
  • 2x Supafly Straps
  • Die Cut Lipo Matt
  • Foam Landing pads
  • Welcome note

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm
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