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Ideal VTX for Supafly frames and the most reliable and quality VTX on the market. Allows smart control via the Betaflight OSD for power and channel changing. Aside from fit and cost, a major benefit is the best thermal protection on the market, because most video transmitters end up burning themselves out the Tramp has the best system I’ve tried to protect against this and means they really last.

SMA antenna connector, International version with 25-600mw output power


Smallest, Lightest in the Business
This is the smallest, lightest, high-power, high-voltage A/V Transmitter in the business, 31 x 20mm, with a slender 17mm waist, weighing only 4 grams!

Even at this size, the traditional ImmersionRC 5V filtered camera power supply is also included. Twin ground cables from the tiny locking connectors ensure that noisy supply currents keep the camera supply clean.

To cap it off, in addition to running directly from a 2s-6s* (HV) LiPo, the TrampHV will happily run from a 5V supply already available in the quad.

Thermally Protected
We have all experienced long delays at the starting grid before starting a race. No airflow over the electronics and video transmitters overheating.
Most video transmitters (even the higher end units) have no thermal protection whatsoever and will happily cook themselves and prematurely fail.
The TrampHV is a little different. It constantly monitors the temperature of the Tx, and gracefully reduces power output to increase battery life and protect the transmitter. As soon as the props start spinning, it detects the temperature reduction and quickly boosts power output.

Another first, introduced by ImmersionRC at FPVAirRace, is technology which allows video transmitters to power up cleanly on their assigned channel without wiping out neighboring channels.
Gone are the days when your fellow pilots need to hover safely why you power up beside them.
This technology enables asynchronous race starts, where pilots join a race at any time without creating any interference.

Calibrated Power
Each and every TrampHV is factory calibrated to ensure precise power outputs, especially at the critical low-power race levels. No more cross-talk from 25mW transmitters which are instead emitting 200mW!, or worse, 25mW transmitters which emit much lower power levels.
No more RF lap timing issues caused by pilots running wildly different power levels.

Creators of the ubiquitous RaceBand, and involved in providing technology for some of the largest racing events to date, we have poured significant resources into racing, and more importantly, learned from these events.
Our employees race, we ?eat our own dogfood?, and we will continue to advance the state of the art.


Dimensions: L=32mm x W=20mm x H=8mm
Weight: 4g (Tx only, without SMA cable)
Power Output: Programmable, 1mW to > 600mW 1
Channels: 48 standard, arbitrary using race wand
RF Impedance: 50 ohms
RF Connector: U.FL
AV Connector: JST-GH, 6 pin, locking
TNR Connector: JST-GH, 4 pin, locking
Audio: Mono, Subcarriers on 6.0 and 6.5MHz (cloned)
Modulation: FM, Audio and Video
Pit Frequency: User/Race Organizer Definable
Video Impedance: 75 ohms
Power Requirements: 2s-6s HV Lipo (6s as of March 2017)
Power Consumption: ~4W max. @ 600mW, ~1.9W @ 200mW
1 Power Levels +/- 1dB


We strongly advise you to make yourself aware of any laws related to radio transmission power and to ahere to them completely. You may need to use an attenuator to lower the transmission power of your module to conform with these laws.

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