High Performance FPV Freestyle frame – latest version!

Optimised for general freestyle ripping

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The Supafly Flipmode is a high quality freestyle frame designed by a member of the Betaflight development team, ready for the best freestyle performance possible. Using a lower deck design with 20mm standoffs, the Flipmode has a tightly packaged centre of mass which feels totally planted and inspires confidence.  The frame also uses a vertical carbon fibre front plate locking design which integrates the FPV and HD camera mounting at a 30 degree angle, and is ideally suited to use with HD recording camera like GoPro, and with the DJI O3 which allows flight angles without standoffs in view.

Q: How is this different to Syncmode?

A: The 2023 Flipmode has inherited a lot of the design improvements made on the Syncmode which itself was an evolution of the Flipmode. Thus it is now more durable than ever. The main differences are that The Flipmode has 30 degree camera plates which make it more suited to general freestyle flying around open spaces. This is because of the tendency to fly faster in open spaces. The Flipmode also has a 2mm thick top plate to save weight – whereas the Syncmode which will get thrown around a bando much more – has a 2.5mm top plate. They will both do a great job at freestyle – choose the one relevant to where you are most likely to be flying – or just pick your colour preference ;).

Key Info and features:

  • 220mm X style configuration for 5″ props – tried and tested ideal width for freestyle
  • Beautifully milled, high quality matt finish carbon fibre now also available with Red or Gold body!
  • Integrated 30deg FPV and HD camera mount – with protective TPU for heavy bashing
  • 20mm body standoffs, with lipo top mount design for low centre of mass and excellent freestyle flight characteristics
  • ‘Squashed X’ geometry with carefully positioned motors and weight distribution for optimal balance, prop distance and HD footage
  • 130g dry frame weight
  • Low frame resonance noise profile optimised by FEA simulation – allowing for very low filter latency customer tune
  • Fits standard 28mm FPV camera size and multiple FPV adapters optional and come with download pack
  • Fits 30×30 and 20×20 stack separate from arms
  • 20×20 and 25.5×25.5 rear VTX mounting – fits: DJI v1 (Vista) – DJI O3 – Walksnail v1 and v2
  • Over 30 piece stl 3d printable accessories pack included with download (Printed parts available in shop)
  • High performance tuning for all firmware supplied as instant download
  • Totally locked and stiff and replaceable arm design without affecting the stack
  • Fully countersunk top plate for lipo protection
  • Red, Black and Blue standoff colour options
  • 2x Supafly tough lipo straps
  • Durable and grippy die cut rubber lipo matting
  • Aluminium washers for clamping TPU bumpers
  • Foam landing feet
  • Supafly sticker
  • UK design and quality at an affordable price: starting at £69.99

Steel or full titanium screw kit now at a special offer of £14.99 – this includes all titanium frame screws AND motor screws!

Included in frame kit as standard:

  • 3mm carbon fibre base plate with press nuts
  • 3mm front camera plate x2
  • 4.8mm thick arms
  • 2mm top plate
  • 1.5mm arm lock plate
  • Knurled aluminium 20mm standoffs x5 -Red, Light Blue or Black colour
  • Knurled aluminium 28mm standoffs x3 -Red, Light Blue or Black colour
  • 8x aluminium washers and countersink screws
  • Frame bolts – 8mm, 12mm, and 28mm for stack.
  • Frame bolts x16 (Steel or Titanium)
  • Black nylon standoffs
  • Black nylon nuts
  • Black nylon washers
  • 2x Supafly Straps
  • Die Cut Rubber Lipo Matt
  • Foam Landing pads
  • Supafly Sticker
  • Welcome card with tuning page password


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