Flipmode 2022


New Flipmode 2022 Version!…Improved strength bando tested by Sync FPV, with numerous updates

All 3d accessories – instant download!

All Supafly Tuning – instant download!

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Updates from previous versions:

  • Updated arm design with even lower frame resonance
  • Easily removable arms without affecting stack
  • 3mm (thicker) lower plate with design tweaks - much stronger and ready for bandos
  • 3mm (thicker) camera plates - again tougher for the bando bashing
  • Updated HD camera mounting via two standoffs
  • New tougher straps
  • New tougher rubber lipo matt
  • TPU aluminium washers included
  • HD Camera Mounts: ND denotes a slot for ND Filter - TBS or Camera Butter Universal Diamond

Included in frame kit as standard:

  • 3mm carbon fibre base plate with press nuts
  • 3mm front camera plate x2
  • 4.8mm thick arms
  • 2mm top plate
  • 1.5mm arm lock plate
  • Knurled aluminium 20mm standoffs x5 -Red, Light Blue or Black colour
  • Knurled aluminium 28mm standoffs x3 -Red, Light Blue or Black colour
  • 8x aluminium washers and countersink screws
  • Frame bolts - 8mm, 12mm, and 28mm for stack.
  • Frame bolts x16 (Steel or Titanium)
  • Black nylon standoffs
  • Black nylon nuts
  • Black nylon washers
  • 2x Supafly Straps
  • Die Cut Rubber Lipo Matt
  • Foam Landing pads
  • Supafly Sticker
  • Welcome card with tuning page password

Worried about weight? 

New deal - full titanium screw kit which loses 10g - only £14.99

TPU Parts designed to be lightweight:

SMA Antenna Mount Straight  +1g
SMA Mount Angled +3g
Caddx Cherry /Vista Antenna Mount +4g
Immortal Antenna Under Arm Mount +3g
Immortal Antenna Rear Mount +2g

Alternative - you can use two zip ties for antenna 0.5g!

TPU Bumper / Aluminium Washers +4g

Session Mount 10g
Session Mount ND 11g
Hero 5/6/7 Mount ND 26g
Hero 8 Mount ND 23g
Hero 9 Mount ND 26g

(Session can mount natively with no case)

Lightweight Arm Guards +5g
Bando Boots +13g


Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm