• A high performance freestyle frame for 3.5″ props with
  • Sub-250g builds and builds where you don’t care about the weight…

Early feedback:
Holt Blackheath: “Have to say – it might even fly better than my 5″ 🤣”
Alexfliesdrones: “Flies brilliant – like a 5″ and 6 mins on a 660mah lipo”

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  • Based on the Flipmode – the Flipmini is a 3.5″ freestyle frame with Supafly performance.
  • That means great geometry, low noise and tough as hell – with a killer tune you would expect from a member of the Betaflight team.
  • Customer tuning, frame assembly guide and 3d parts pack download provided on purchase.
  • The design is made appropriate for lighter weight and prop size to body ratio, with motor position to allow for no props in the view of the DJI O3 camera and many of the FPV cameras with a wide field of view.
  • Natively fits DJI O3 with no prop in view and included TPU parts and screws.
  • This product is for Flipmini frame kit with accessories for sale – build pictures are examples of fully built from recommended parts below.

Frame fits the following components:

  • Cameras: Micro, Nano, DJI O3/Walksnail (Mounts included)
  • Motors: 9×9 and 12×12 mounting pattern. Recommend 1404 for sub 250g builds and 1804 otherwise
  • Electronics stack: m2 16×16, m2 20×20 and m2 25.5×25.5 (square alignment).
  • Max ESC length: 40mm. Recommended esc size 30mm length x 28mm wide.
  • Video Systems: DJI O3 Air Unit, Vista, Walksnail v1/v2, HDZero Freestyle v2, analogue 20×20

Frame kit Includes:

  • Chamfered matt finish carbon: 1.5mm body plates, 2mm carbon camera plates, 4mm removable arms
  • Aluminium: m2 and m2.5 standoffs and washers
  • Steel: m1.6, m2 and m2.5 screws. Steel or nickel coated steel with threadlock.
  • Strap: metal buckle, kevlar reinforced strap
  • Rubber: Lipo matting
  • TPU: Micro, Nano and DJI O3 / Walksnail camera mounts. DJI O3 Air Unit TPU spacer (for direct mount with included m1.6 screws)
  • Supafly sticker
  • Downloadable resources: Frame assembly guide, Customer tuning, 25 stl parts for printable accessories

Dry frame weight with TPU cam mount = 58g

3d Part build kit includes:

  • Bumpers 1.3g
  • 4x Arm guard/skids (stretch-slip on) 4g
  • ELRS / Crossfire radio antenna mounts 0.6g
  • Capacitor/radio receiver mounts 2.5g
  • 25.5×25.5 TPU shelf – Receiver mount for AIO 1g
  • Lightweight generic VTX antenna mount (uses zip tie to clamp) 1.4g

Additional TPU parts:

  • Increased protection O3 ‘cradle’ mount and full antenna as shown in pictures 8g
  • GPS and GoPro Naked Mount 2g each


Recommended Builds:

Sub 250g:

  • Frame: 58g
  • 1404 3600-4500kv motors – 40g
  • Lipo 4s 500mah – 650mah – 50 – 70g
  • AIO 25×25 flight controller – recommended MPU6000 gyro: 12g
  • Video system including antenna – 10 – 40g. Analogue 20×20 / DJI O3 / DJI Vista / Walksnail v2 Pro
  • Props: HQ 3525 / Gemfan 3525: 10g
  • 16g TPU ‘budget’ for fitment/protection


No worries build:

  • 1804 3600-4500kv motors
  • Lipo 4s 850mah
  • 20×20 stack recommended MPU6000 gyro
  • Analogue 20×20 / DJI O3 / DJI Vista / Walksnail v2 Pro
  • 16mm GPS
  • Props: HQ 3525 / Gemfan 3525
  • All the TPU

If your location has no issue or regulations with weight classes or you are registered etc – you can relax a bit and choose the above build





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