Amax 2207 – Performante


High performance and lightweight motors from one of the best manufacturers in the market – Amax

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Ever since Ryan Harrell of MiniQuadTestBench, and now Lumenier, tested the Amax motors it was clear that they were one of the best motor manufacturers on the market with top of the pack performance and construction. Despite this they are regarded as a relative ‘sleeper’ brand. However at Supafly FPV we have always respected them and are now happy to carry and promote them as a great option for a Supafly build – with a great frame deal offer.

The current range of their motors offer premium performance in two different constructions:

  • Performante – which brings a high performance 2207 at only 29g
  • Bando – which takes the same design and performance but with a tougher bell construction intended for those who fly and crash over hard surfaces – at only 4g more

At Supafly I have been flying the Performante and had no issues at all with the usual flying around fields and trees. In my opinion they are the best choice for normal pilots, and they allow for a lighter build with a total saving of around 20g against the normal 2207 weight.




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