Aikon Flight Stack – Supafly Custom Setup


Take the benefit of 5 years worth of tuning experience at Supafly, flashed onto some of the best hardware out there with the new Supafly custom flight stack setup. Recommended for Supafly frames only due to custom filtering setup.

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Supafly is known for locked-in PID tuning which wows pilots who try it (all genuine feedback on website), and now the setup goes to the next level after Intense testing and research – with a custom RPM filter setup available on the awesome Aikon hardware. Betaflight has a suite of tools, and you cannot just switch on the RPM filtering and get results. The performance of the RPM filters is revealed when you adjust and remove the other filters, as well as combine with correct PIDs.

Having tested many options on the market, Supafly has settled on the Aikon F4 flight controller and the AK32 4in1 4-6s electronic speed controller. You might ask ‘why F4’? This is because the Betaflight team have decided the future of Betaflight development is lower Gyro and PID rates, because of the noise problems introduced by high rates, and the negligible performance benefit.

Having tried a selection of F7 flight controllers and had issues with these newer products, it makes more sense to use well tested, reliable hardware given it is capable of best possible performance as it is. The Aikon F4 is a beautiful quality flight controller using top level components like quality on board power regulators which allows for the advanced low filtering Betaflight setup which improves performance so much. The combination of frame, flight controller and tuning allows for a frankly staggeringly good Betaflight setup that the majority of users won’t get.

The Aikon AK32 consistently tops user polls as the most reliable esc, which is very important when using a 4in1. This Blheli32 esc can natively take 4-6s without breaking a sweat and provides reliable smooth power alongside the Aikon F4 and makes plug and play building a breeze. Both the boards use rubber gummies and therefore the stack is held firmly in place but with some impact and vibration dampening, whilst being protected inside the frame – an ideal setup.


Flight controller and ESC setup:

  • RPM custom filtering setup tuned by Supafly, with additional analysis from Blackbox and PID toolbox experts
  • Auto – Cell Count Profile switching! Plug a 4s, 5s and 6s lipo – and the flight controller will auto select the pid profile so you can enjoy awesome tuning on any lipo from 4s to 6s – out of the box! 
  • Designed to run 2300kv – 2750kv motors mentioned in Build page – 5s and 6s tunes are using motor limiting – flies great!
  • 3 Freestyle Rate profile options influenced by the best freestyle pilots
  • OSD setup
  • Remapped motors for optimal positioning of stack – check the images on the build page
  • Best Blheli32 settings flashed for performance, reliability and RPM filtering

Access to password protected page on website with CLI settings, and available all flashed for £5 additional.

It’s just awesome, glad I got the Aikon stack with your tune – flying was sublime.

Ollie S

My quad has been flying perfectly since I fitted the Supafly Aikon stack

Stevey Martin

I’m absolutely blown away by the performance

(6s Tune demo opposite)

Stefan Es/Fruitman FPV

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