It’s the best flying quad I ever had using the PIDs on your website.

Craig Stansfield (customer)

Your quads fly amazing…

Brian White (PID Toolbox)

Amazing level of accuracy between gyro and setpoint – fantastic tune

Chris Thompson (Betaflight)


At Supafly we believe tuning is at the centre of quadcopter performance – it brings a the frame and build of components together into perfect harmony and performance. For many years FPV pilots have been struggling to get the most out of their quadcopters because it is no small task to build the quad, let alone learn enough about the controller and flight behaviour to tune it well. SupaflyFPV customers have been experiencing just how well a quadcopter can fly for several years – and we post comments on the website to cement the point, which sometimes gets lost in the hype of Mr Cheese’s new motors. The Supafly experience is galvanised by some of the best in the business who are at the cutting edge of the hobby, known as the Betaflight ‘Skunkworks’ development team formulated by Zak Smiley. And so as part of this team we are proud to share some of our freestyle tuning experience as official Betaflight tuning presets available via the link below. Our customers also get access to up to the minute tweaks in Betaflight, and also awesome tuning for Kiss, FETTEC and FlightOne firmwares which leverages our overall understanding of flight control firmware getting the best performance out of them all.

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SupaflyFPV Customer Feedback

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