It’s the best flying quad I ever had using the PIDs on your website.

Craig Stansfield (customer)

Your quads fly amazing…

Brian White (PID Toolbox)

Amazing level of accuracy between gyro and setpoint – fantastic tune

Chris Thompson (Betaflight)


Building a high performance freestyle quadcopter is a complicated task, and many pilots usually settle for ‘stock tuning’ which the flight firmware comes with because the mere construction is enough of a challenge, let alone getting to grips with gyro filtering and PID control theory. When you buy a freestyle drone setup we all want to get out and rip the skies immediately, but to truly understand the control system can take years and the reality is most don’t have that time or want to wait….With Supafly, there was a motive to spend that time for the sake of the customers in order to offer something extra, not to mention an inherent interest to genuinely understand the technology. Now over the last 4 years we have been studying it from input to output, in order to extract the best performance for our customers so they can achieve an incredible flying quad on all three major firmware platforms. Countless hours have been spent tweaking parameters in the field and on blackbox analysis, PID toolbox and talking to some of the best in the industry including the leading special Betaflight development team ‘Skunkworks’.

We are proud to announce that we have contributed an official Freestyle preset to the Betaflight project in the latest 4.3 release. This preset has been designed to give great freestyle performance out of the box for all builds, using the tuning sliders and even a motor kv calculator to cover a broad range of builds. 

For our customers who purchase Supafly frames which have been designed to have low frame resonance, we have custom Betaflight tunes which do not use sliders but instead places parameters precisely how we like it and takes advantage of the very low noise by using super low latency filter setups. The Supafly package of frame, recommended build and tuning results in shockingly good flight performance for our customers which surprises new and experienced pilots alike – check the comments top and bottom of the page for feedback…


Customers will soon get fully decoupled peak performance customer tune for Betaflight 4.3 upon full firmware release…click above for current status…

Big announcement! SupaflyFPV Freestyle tune applicable for all frames made for the FPV community – now in the configurator!

Customers please click the image above for 4s and 6s ‘Freestyle’ and ‘Cinematic’ tuning presets

Customers please click the image above for 4s and 6s tuning