‘Juicemode’ is the Supafly take on a classic freestyle design, updated with Supafly style and design tweaks.

The higher top mount design is ideal for the flight style that has been described as ‘Juicy’-hence the name. This style was pioneered in 2017 by one of the best pilots in the world – Johnny FPV – and has now influenced a generation of new pilots who love to emulate that style…

When carrying the lipo and HD camera higher, the raised centre of mass gives a stick feel encouraging you to lever and swing the quad around in mind-bending directions, so when carrying momentum you can create the awesome illusion of juicy flying that has transfixed and amazed the miniquad community…plus there is the added benefit of extra room to build versus the lower deck design.

Juicemode takes all the learnings from Flipmode V3 development to launch as a thoroughly refined design with all the typical freestyle requirements carefully positioned and considered. It can be converted from or to a Flipmode with a conversion kit, so you can try different options in the future on the same platform (so your components will fit all), as well as different arm lengths for 5″, 6″ and 7″ props for fully exploring the FPV world…..and because Supafly is run by a pilot, the frame comes with Betaflight or FlightOne custom tuning and set-up recommendations – for a smooth and juicy Supafly ride…

Key Info and features:

  • 220mm X style configuration for 5″ props – ideal balance of agility, stability and HD camera view
  • Raised 30mm top plate for higher CG and more build room
  • Countersunk top plate with two lipo straps held in place
  • Designed and balanced to run HD camera, with mounts for popular HD cameras
  • 110-118g frame weight depending on hardware choices (Titanium or Steel screws)
  • Optimised and clear positioning for all components
  • Multiple flight controller/stack mounting options included
  • Fits 28mm standard FPV camera size
  • Can be converted to a Flipmode
  • Supa-smooth custom RPM filter tuning available
  • Low cost spares available quickly and cheaply
  • Red/Black and Black/Gold colour options
  • Steel or Titanium hardware options
  • Neoprene die cut rubber lipo matting included
  • TPU video antenna protector mount included (fits Unify/pigtail)
  • Zip tie radio antenna mounting included or CF/R9 T antenna mount option
  • Top plate rubber power lead holder (14 awg wire)
  • Foam landing feet
  • Supafly sticker
  • Recommended build and Tuning
  • Quality at an affordable price – from only £49.99
Loved building the Juicemode, having a 3 high stack makes for a clean build and it flies amazing…
Craig Stansfield

Love my Juicemode, best frame I’ve ever owned…

Alexander Clarke

Juicemode with your tune flys so well it blows my mind…Can’t wait to do some more freestyle…

FPV Chrissy Boy