The Supafly ‘Flipmode’ is a high quality freestyle frame now in v3 version, fresh out of London UK.

Using a lower deck design, the Flipmode has a low centre of mass which feels totally planted and inspires confidence. Great attention was given to the balance and motor positions, resulting in a quad that flies amazingly well. The frame also uses a vertical carbon fibre front plate locking design which integrates the FPV and HD camera mounting and is super tough and easy to assemble. The carbon fibre is high quality and precisely milled, and there are steel or titanium hardware and skin options for the most Supafly looking ride on the market – all contributing to make it Oscar Liang’s best Freestyle frame of 2018.

Assembled by a pilot who know’s what is necessary for a solid build, the kit includes a generous quota of accessories as standard alongside all the additional options you may need…so rather than having to scavenge around on the web for accessories that may or may not fit properly, you can select TPU parts perfectly designed for the frame right here at prices cheaper than the competition…

To help support the build process there is a build page and also tuning which results in many customers, beginners and experienced alike discovering the best flying quad they ever had…and the platform can also be converted to a Juicemode if the pilot wishes to experiment with different flight styles with minimal cost.

Key Info and features:

  • 220mm X style configuration for 5″ props – tried and tested ideal width for freestyle, and 258mm version for 6″ props, and now 7″ option also…
  • Integrated 30deg HD ‘Session’ camera mount – with the option of a protective case
  • 20mm body standoffs, with lipo top mount design for low centre of mass and excellent freestyle flight characteristics
  • ‘Squashed X’ geometry with carefully positioned motors and weight distribution for optimal balance, prop distance and HD footage
  • 114-119g dry frame weight depending on titanium or steel hardware choices
  • Low frame resonance noise profile, allowing advanced Supafly low filter tuning
  • Optimised and clear positioning for all components
  • Solid locked carbon fibre cage design with TPU protector options
  • Fits standard 28mm FPV camera size
  • Totally stiff and replaceable arm design
  • Fully countersunk top plate for lipo protection
  • Can be converted to Juicemode and vice versa
  • Affordable and local spares
  • Black and Red standoff colour options
  • Steel or Titanium screw hardware options
  • Three Supafly lipo straps (two strap lipo, one HD Cam)
  • Neoprene die cut rubber lipo matting included
  • Top plate rubber grommet power lead holder (14 awg wire)
  • TPU video antenna mount included (fits Unify/pigtail)
  • Zip tie/heat shrink included for radio antenna mount
  • Foam landing feet
  • Supafly sticker
  • Recommended build and Tuning for recommended motors and props
  • Quality at an affordable price starting at £49.99
I’ve beat the hell out of this build…and broken everything but the frame…it’s by far my favourite… Andrew Campbell

I’ve got 6 premium frames and pretty much only fly the Flipmode… Ken Peralta

I’ve tried several of the other well known freestyle frames – Flipmode is my favourite – absolutely stunning. Dave Hughes