Build Introduction:

Below is an outline guide for building the frame and a full build of a Flipmode and Juicemode. There is a mind blending array of different components out there, and before you buy and mount them in a frame it’s not always clear if they will work well together or fit the frame well, often resulting in a frustrating experience with this hobby. One of the key goals of Supafly is to help anyone get an amazing flying build and enjoy FPV at it’s best the same as any pro out there with years of experience. For this reason please check out the component recommendations because when you combine them with the frame and tuning – it comes together to get what we think is the most reliable and best flying quad out there! 

Tools and Extras:

  • 2mm allen key/hex driver
  • Wire cutters
  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • M5 wrench / spanner for propnuts
  • Black electrical tape for taping motor wires around arms

Video Below for new Syncmode build


above relevant for 2022 versions of Flipmode and Juicemode – build updates coming soon… 

Frame assembly – Flipmode and Juicemode

    • Assemble base plate ‘sandwich’ of top plate, arms and locking plate.
    • The Lower plate has countersunk holes under for the stack screws. Place a long countersunk stack screw in the 20×20 or 30×30 holes as you need, and fasten it in place with a nylon or metal nut from the black nylon kit.
    • Then take the arms and lock plate, and use the 12mm screws on outer arm holes, and the 11mm screw on the inner arm holes into the lock plate, then thru the arm and finally the lower body plate.

Install standoffs

    • On the Flipmode use the 8mm button head screws to attach the 20mm standoffs to the base plate
    • On the Juicemode the standoffs are 22mm or 30mm (scroll image to right)



ESC and Motor mounting:

  • Mount motors with 6mm screws direct or 8mm screws and washers if using arm guards.
  • Titanium screws available to save weight
  • Cut motor wires and solder to ESC power pads
  • Solder capacitor with 18 awg wire to lipo power pads
  • Place nylon washer supplied on press nut then mount 4in1 ESC as shown
  • Solder motor wires to ESC pads

FPV Camera mounting:


  • Flipmode 2023 takes a 28mm standard size camera, or Mini with bracket
  • Juicemode 2023 takes Mini (21mm) size camera or micro when in ‘slammed’ setup.
  • Analogue recommended – Foxeer Predator mini
  • Flipmode 2023 – DJI Caddx Nebula Pro Vista or O3
  • Juicemode 2023 – DJI Camera Vista – O3 not suitable

Mount flight controller into frame

  • Use 4mm nylon spacer above ESC then connect 4in1 esc and mount flight controller
  • Orientation IMPORTANT – check images – FC should have ESC connector at rear and USB socket under the board
  • Connect FPV camera and Tramp VTX
  • Insert Tramp antenna SMA and tighten onto TPU with pliers on each side
  • Recommend electrical tape on XM+ and Tramp for isolation
  • Bind receiver
  • Zip tie XM+/Tramp stack using provided zip tie slots



Video Transmitter and Radio Receivers:

  • ImmersionRC Tramp V2
  • TBS Unify HV/5v/Race/Evo
  • RushFPV Tank/20×20

Recommended Video Antennas:

  • Foxeer Lollipop v3
  • Menace RC
  • RushFPV Cherry

Recommended Receiver:

  • Frsky XM+
  • Frsky R-XSR
  • Crossfire Nano

Radio Antenna Mounting


  • Under Arm or Rear Mount for Immortal style T mount
  • Or zip tie is classic FPV method for FrSky type antenna
  • Place zip tie included in kits around arm as shown, and feed antenna through clamping it on arm
  • Note zip tie clasp should be positioned at bottom rear of arm should pull outwards
  • Cut tie to length and slide included 2mm heatshrink over tie and antenna
  • Use heat gun/lighter to shrink heat shrink
  • Add some extra electrical tape to secure

Prepare Top Plate

  • Mount foam pad onto top plate (I know-the sticky paper is annoying to remove, keep picking…)
  • Mount lipo straps onto top plate and front camera cage on Flipmode

Finishing Up…

  • Use countersunk screws to mount top plate
  • Slot in rubber grommet for power lead
  • Mount HD Camera Mounts
  • Mount Lollipop Video antenna


TPU Protection:


  • Add extra protection / HD cam mounts for a bulletproof build
  • Take the option of titanium motor screws to reduce weight whilst adding protection with arm / motor guards
  • Add on front bumpers to protect carbon edges from impact with hard surfaces
  • Available in shop or on frame product page


Recommended Motors (suppliers listed below):

    • Premium:
    • Axis Motors, T Motor Pro series
    • Mid-range
    • T Motor Pacer v2, iflight Xing
    • Budget
    • T Motor Velox, Xing-E, Emax ECO 2 2306 / 2207 2400kv 


Weight reduction options:

  • Use Titanium frame screws and motors screws – looses total 10g
  • Use zip ties on video antenna and radio antenna instead of TPU mounting – looses 8g
  • Use TBS Unify Nano32 with UFL antenna (analogue) – looses 20g
  • Use 2306 motors like T Motor F40 Pro v4 – only 30g each – looses total 20g from 35g motors
  • Hero camera – remove battery and use 5v cable power supply – looses total 30g
  • (Flipmode) Use GoPro Session without case – looses 20g


Recommended Lipo :

  • China Hobby Line Black Series
  • Ovonic
  • Tattu R Line 
  • GNB 120C
  • RDQ 

Demonstration of flight performance of Juicemode and Flipmode

  • Highest possible Betaflight performance with Supafly RPM tuning
  • Totally locked in control – full confidence
  • Propwash almost completely eliminated
  • Smooth video
  • Trouble-free Supafly ride

Recommended Lipo Chargers:

  • SkyRC iMax B6
  • Hobbyking Turnigy Reaktor range
  • ISDT Q6
  • SkyRC Q200
  • iCharger X6

Need help setting up the radio, flashing ESC etc? Check these great resources which have tutorials on all subjects…

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