Official Freestyle Preset from SupaflyFPV for Betaflight

The Supafly preset is the result of years of testing and blackbox support for users over a myriad of frames and builds. When it comes to freestyle, the designs and components have converged to the point that a preset, alongside the pid calculator below, can deliver a shockingly good tune for the majority of freestyle builds. A deep understanding of the betaflight filter set combined with blackbox knowledge of the typical issues freestyle frames suffer from, we can combine the PIDs with filtering that is both low latency and robust, to create a new standard in freestyle tuning for all. Enjoy.

Fine-tune the Supafly Preset for your setup:


Lipo Battery

Motor KV

Motor Ouput Limit

Master Multiplier

This calculator is designed to optimise your tuning when using the SupaflyFPV preset – based on your motor/lipo combo (and resulting RPM)

Instructions for use:

  1. Choose the SupaflyFPV Preset 5, 6 or 7 Inch in Betaflight Configurator including options of your choice
  2. Return to this page and enter your Lipo Battery type
  3. Enter your Motor KV
  4. If you use a Motor Output Limit – enter that or leave at 100%
  5. Return to the Betaflight Configurator and switch on ‘Expert Mode’
  6. Take the Master Multiplier value from above and enter it to the SupaflyFPV preset in the configurator with the slider there – and save.
  7. Enjoy 🙂


  1. The resulting value above should give a great tune, however if you want a ‘tighter’ more locked in feel – increase the Master Slider by 0.05 – 0.1.
  2. If you have a heavy build you can go up to even +0.2. Higher than this will usually result in oscillation.
  3. Make sure you are using the correct setup for your radio link – presets found in the ‘RC_LINK’ preset category.
  4. Check the ‘recommended build’ page on the website for tips on ideal components for freestyle – and support this work by trying our frames ;)…
  5. Follow the esc setup below:

ESC Setup

Esc can use the Blheli32 32.7 (recommended) or 32.9 firmware on newer found in the Blheli32 configurator

Use the following settings in the Blheli32 configurator:

For version 32.7 – check if your esc can run it

PWM to 48kHz, demag high, rampup power 30%, timing 23 degrees

or if not:

For version 32.9

PWM low 24kHz – by RPM, demag high, rampup power 30%, timing 23 degrees

Credit esc setup to Ryan Harrell.

Customers have access to SupaflyFPV frame optimised Betaflight setups as well as FETTEC/Kiss, Kiss Ultra and FlightOne Tuning for a full compliment of options for high performance freestyle. Click the logo above for access using the customer password.

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