Flipmode will default to stock configuration priced at only £54.99 with details on what is included in full description below, along with some additional notes about upgrade options. Totals will be added up in checkout.

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Now in V3 version! Standard £54.99 price includes steel hardware:

Steel frame and arm bolts frame weight = 118g (much stronger)

Titanium screw kit reduces weight by 7g and with motor screws another 7g = 14g total.

Screw kits (Steel or Ti) come with 12mm, 14mm and 25mm bolts for various stack options.

Note: Steel is reliable and tough. Titanium is light and hard wearing…recommended for motor bolts to save weight on end of arms.

TPU Camera cases, arm and front protectors useful when flying hard surfaces but not essential if flying around fields and trees.

Included in frame kit as standard:

  • 2.5mm carbon fibre base plate with press nuts
  • 2.5mm front camera plate x2
  • 4mm arms x4 – 5″ or 6″ Props choice
  • 2mm top plate
  • 1.5mm arm lock plate
  • Knurled aluminium 20mm standoffs x5 – Red or Black colour
  • Knurled aluminium 28mm standoffs x3 – Red or Black colour
  • Arm bolts – Steel includes 12mm, 14mm and 22mm for different stack options. See above for recommended lengths for Titanium arm bolts.
  • Arm lock nut x4
  • Frame bolts x16 (Steel or Titanium)
  • Black nylon standoffs
  • Black nylon nuts
  • Black nylon washers
  • Supafly velcro straps x3
  • Zip ties and 3mm heatshrink for radio antenna
  • Rubber grommet for power lead
  • Neoprene lipo matt
  • Supafly Sticker
  • Welcome note / assembly manual


Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm