Flipmode Bando Kit


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Full Bando – all TPU parts Pictured including GoPro Session case and Titanium motor bolts.

If you fly around hard surfaces you can use this kit to protect the edges of carbon, and also the motor protectors. The Motor protectors are also soft mounts so double benefit there. I recommend using Titanium motor bolts if you fly around bandos because they resist scratching and are also lightweight, and the bolts also come with washers to better spread the pressure.

If you swap out your steel screws for the motor protectors and Ti screws you barely gain any weight on the build…but a lot of benefit.

The front plate protectors come with aluminium washers now to spread the pressure. Please note, the front carbon plate protectors may slightly appear in your FPV feed depending on what camera, lens and angle you use. Thus I only use these when flying bando spots. I use the rest of it most of the time now to protect the motors, provide soft mounting and protect the GoPro.


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