Recommended Build

Below are some component suggestions based on feedback from testing with the frame, trusted brands and what is popular in the FPV community for freestyle…(underlined is what I use)…

A Flipmode can be built with AIO flight controller and individual esc on the arms, or with a 4in1 esc and a flight controller stack. Arm ESC is recommended 13-14mm to avoid overhang. With the 4in1 build, I recommend an ESC without a sheild because it adds extra height. Any questions on components feel free to contact me…

Tools and Extras:

  • 2mm allen key/hex driver
  • Wire cutters
  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • M3 (arm lock nuts) and M5 (prop nuts) wrench / spanner
  • 15mm heat shrink for Esc if using individual esc on arms
  • Black electrical tape for taping esc / motor wires around arms
  • 14awg silicone wire and XT60 for power lead (12 awg not recommended due to grommet size and unneccessary)
AIO Flight Controller (with individual ESC)

  • DalRC / Foxeer F405 AIO
  • DYS F4 Pro V2
  • Joshua Bardwell AIO v2
  • CL Racing F4/F7
  • Betaflight F4

Flight Controller (to use with 4in1 esc/pdb):

  • Aikon F4
  • Hobbywing XRotor G2
  • Airbot Omnibus F4 v6
  • Flight One Revolt OSD

Individual (with AIO)

  • Airbot Furling32 35a / Tekko32 F3 35a
  • Any Spedix esc 30a or more

4in1 ESC

  • Aikon AK32 4in1
  • HolyBro Tekko32 4in1 / Airbot Typhoon v2
  • Raceflight Bolt32 4in1


  • Premium options: T Motor F40 Pro v2/v3 2400kv / 2600kv, F60 Pro 2/3 2500kv / Blackbird 2207 2722kv, MCK 2207 2500kv…
  • Mid-range options: Emax RSII 2306, LS2207, Brother Hobby R6 / Speed Sheild, iflight Xing
  • Low Cost options: Emax ECO 2400kv, RCX LS2207



Best freestyle props:

  • HQ Prop V1s 5x4.3x3 (basically just use these)
  • T Motor 5143
  • Dal Cyclone 5046
  • Dal Cyclone 5040

Recommended FPV Cameras:

Frame takes standard 28mm wide cameras (or mini cameras with bracket)

  • Foxeer Predator v3/4 (std or mini size) 2.5mm or 1.8mm
  • Foxeer Arrow Pro Mini 2.5mm
  • Foxeer Falkor (std or mini size) 2.5mm
  • Eagle 2 Pro / Micro with adapter 2.5mm 
  • Runcam Eagle 2 2.5mm 


Recommended Video Transmitter:

  • ImmersionRC Tramp V2 (International version)
  • Team Black Sheep Unify Pro or Race


Recommended Video Antenna:

  • Lumenier AXII
  • Foxeer Lollipop

Recommended Radio and Receiver:

  • Frsky X9D or QX7 with XM+ or R-XSR


Recommended Lipo:

4s Lipo up to 90mm long will fit but good options:

  • Acehe 1500
  • Tattu R-Line 1550 or 1800
  • Infinity Race/RS Force 1300 or 1500
  • RDQ 1300 or 1500
Recommended Lipo Chargers:

  • SkyRC iMax B6
  • Hobbyking Turnigy Reaktor range
  • ISDT Q6
  • SkyRC Q200
  • iCharger X6
Recommended Educators for info on all topics of the hobby: